Conversion Rate Boosters

Increasing your website’s traffic is already a time-consuming task that will take up enough of your time. So, you need to make sure that traffic converts into sales, right?

Thankfully, there are drop-dead simple ways of capturing attention, boosting conversion rates and ultimately, maximizing your profits without breaking the bank, or spending a lot of time tweaking your traffic campaigns.

In fact, the conversion boosting hacks featured in this report are ones that you can easily implement into your existing website without spending more than a couple of hours tightening up a few weak areas so that you can transform your business in just a matter of a few short days.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

If so, let’s begin!

Polish & Shine

It all begins with ensuring that your website or landing page is optimized for conversion.  Whether you are directing traffic to a sales page, or you’re sending them to a landing page, you need to make sure that your page will motivate visitors into taking action.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to do that:

Make Visitors Do Less Work

If you are sending visitors to a squeeze or landing page, it’s important that you only ask for the information that you absolutely need.

Your opt-in form should ask for only their name and email address. You can segment your lists later as your subscribers begin to open and respond to your campaigns, but to maximize opt-in rates, you need to keep it simple. It shouldn’t take your visitor more than a few seconds to fill in the required information and subscribe to your list.

Additional form fields will severely decrease conversion rates because you’re bogging your visitor down.  The less effort you require of potential subscribers, the easier it will be to grow a list.

Keep the page crisp and clean so that visitors aren’t confused about what action they should take, and make sure that all conversion elements are above the fold for optimal results.

Minimize navigation. In fact, eliminate it altogether so that all they see is the headline, opt-in form and incentive offer.

Also, pay careful attention to your headline. Make sure that it speaks to your visitor and gives them a reason to give you their name and email address.  You’ll want to test out different headlines to determine what works best for your audience.

A compelling headline captures attention and convinces people to continue reading every single word on your page until you have closed the deal.  It persuades visitors into becoming customers, and makes believers out of the skeptics.  And if it’s done right, it has the power to transform a sales page into an incredible money-making machine.

David Ogilvy, a business tycoon, known as the “father of advertising” believed that the headline of a sales page was the single most important component in a marketing system.

He also summarized the importance of a killer headline with the following quote: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline than they do the body.”

 Your job is to create a headline that immediately captures attention and touches down on what is most important to your target audience. You don’t want to get too creative, crafty or clever with your headlines.  While you can create headlines that create curiosity, when it comes to your marketing message you want it to ring loud and clear.

This means you need to be very direct. No guessing. No wordplay.

Replicate What Works for Others

Study successful landing and squeeze pages from within your niche and save yourself time by designing your opt-in pages around what has proven to work.

And if you really want to increase opt-in rates, add a video to your squeeze page or a high-quality product box or graphic that represents your incentive offer.

Offer an Irresistible Incentive Offer

You’ll want to make sure that you are offering something of clear value that resonates with your target audience. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cater to every potential client on one squeeze page.

For best results, create multiple landing pages that are aimed at specific target audiences, and then offer a giveaway that is designed to help them in some way. Even when focusing on just one niche, it’s important to speak to segments of your market.

For example, if you sell a guide on self-publishing, you could set up a landing page aimed towards beginners while offering a free report on “Top 10 Tools You Need to Build Your Author Presence”.

Then, create a second landing page that is targeted towards intermediate authors who already likely have an online presence but are looking to maximize exposure and build their readers base.

The better targeted your incentive offer is, the easier it will be to convince visitors to subscribe to your list.

Creating a High Converting Sales Page

When it comes to your sales page, you need a very narrow focus so that you’re able to communicate with your visitor and convince them to purchase your product.

Keep your sales copy moving along by constantly engaging your potential customer.  If your sales copy doesn’t get you excited about your product, don’t expect that it will convert visitors into customers.

You want to guide your visitors’ attention to the most important elements of your copy using bullet points, headlines and sub-headlines and other visual cues. Keep them glued to your copy!

Use short, concise sentences so that visitors can quickly scan your copy for the information that’s most important to them.

Don’t bog them down with endlessly long paragraphs of text.  And use images or video content whenever possible to maximize engagement and humanize your brand.

Speak their language. Use every day language, as though you are talking to a friend.

Your visitors will feel more relaxed when reading your sales copy if they aren’t forced to Google unfamiliar words.

If your product is aimed at beginners, using everyday language, rather than fancy wording, will also ensure that they aren’t overwhelmed or concerned that they won’t be able to utilize your product effectively because it’s too advanced for them.  Your sales page is not the place to show off your linguistic skills.

Find out:

  • What kind of terminology do they use?
  • How would they describe the product/services they purchase?
  • How do they describe the problem?
  • What are their demographics?

The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be for you to create sales copy that speak directly to them.

Add a No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Remove all risks to your buyer by offering a no questions asked, money-back guarantee on your sales page. This tells visitors that you believe in your product and aren’t afraid to stand behind it by ensuring that they are satisfied with their purchase.

The increase in sales will always make up for any refunds you need to process!

Use Power Words
Words such as “Special, Limited, Exclusive, Uncover, Success and Winning” are all positive words that evoke emotion. Sprinkle them throughout your copy and make sure you use at least one power word in your headline and sub-headlines as well as throughout your copy.

Use Compelling CTA’s
Your call to action is one of the most important elements of a successful sales page. Make sure that you are using tangible action verbs that spur visitors into taking action (for example, “Reserve your seat”, “Claim your Copy”).

Provide a clear value proposition
Visitors care about one thing: how your product or service benefits them, so make sure you clearly state the benefits upfront. Features are important as well, but outlining how your product will help them or solve their problem is even more so.

Tell potential buyers what is special about your product. How it’s different than other products on the market and how it will help them solve a problem.

Give your visitor’s a reason to continue reading your sales page right away by showcasing the greatest advantage and the biggest benefit to the offer you are promoting.

That way, if your reader doesn’t connect with anything else, and even if they fail to continue reading the rest of the page, they are aware of the greatest reason they should respond to the offer.

Provide Social Proof
If you have a strong social media presence, add your social-media follower count to the footer of your sales page.

Not only will this help to increase conversions by demonstrating that you have solidified a brand in your niche, but it will encourage visitors who aren’t quite ready to make the purchase, become part of your social media community.

Be Clear with Your USP
Another important element of branding is finding your company’s Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Some people call this the Unique Selling Point. Either way, your brand must offer something that sets you apart from the competition—something they don’t or can’t offer—to differentiate you from your competitors.

What makes you different? Why should someone choose your company or products over your competitors’?

That is what you must figure out and then integrate that USP into your sales copy as well as all other aspects of your sales funnel.

Use Testimonials & Case Studies
Consider adding testimonials into your sales page of positive responses that you’ve received from existing customers.  This tells your visitors that the product has worked for other people.

Make sure your testimonials are from every-day customers, just like the visitors on your page, and not from experts or gurus (unless your product is targeting that demographic).

This is important because if you are selling a product to a beginner, you want them to understand that no special skills or experience is needed in order to take advantage of your offer.

People will better relate to testimonials and case studies that are at their level.

Be Real, Be Honest

Consumers are savvy. They aren’t going to fall for hype-based sales pitches so keep focused on writing clear, honest, and compelling copy that isn’t based on outrageous claims.

People will see right through over-hyped offers and you’ll not only lose their trust, you’ll lose the sale.

Provide Automated Support

You’ve likely already seen chatbots in action. They are on all types of websites, from major retail chains to mobile phone service providers and many other types of sites and apps. Chatbots are very useful for a lot of different applications—from simple user contact, to answering questions, and even helping the sales process along.

Chatbots can drastically improve user experience. Customers love getting an answer in seconds without having to wait on hold for a live person or sending an email and waiting hours or days for a response.

Chatbots can also provide you extremely valuable information about your customers if you log those conversations and analyze them, because you can see the types of questions they are asking and what the most common concerns are prior to deciding to purchase your product.

Here are a few chatbot resources:




Test Everything

Split testing is a way of gauging the effectiveness of specific elements on a sales page or within a sales funnel to improve conversion rates.  You test ONE element at a time, and run a split testing campaign long enough for both pages to generate an equal number of visitors (or “hits”).

You need to get into the habit of split testing your sales pages so that you have a clear idea as to what’s working and what needs tweaking.

Just a simple change can significantly increase conversion rates but without testing your copy so that you can determine areas that need strengthening, you won’t know what that change should be.

You can literally split test every aspect of your webpage from headlines, pricing, graphics, buttons, layout, color schemes, and more.  And you don’t have to just split your sales pages either. You can also split test your email messages, auto responder follow-ups, and even your blog!

By split testing your pages you will quickly see just what draws your visitors in and what simply pushes them out to the next website.  By analyzing this information, you can make little (or big) changes that will boost conversion and send your profits through the roof!

The easiest way to split test your pages is to sign up with, which is a powerful tool that takes the grunt-work out of split testing.

Split Test Monkey works for everyone. If you’re trying to grow an email list you’ll be able to use Split Test Monkey to boost your subscriber rates and grow your list faster by testing your landing pages, from the lead magnets to the color of your sign-up buttons.

If you’re a product vendor, you’ll be able to convert more sales and build bigger profits all hands free by testing sales and upsell pages, headlines, bullet points, pricing and calls to action.

And even if you’re a social media marketer, you can use Split Test Monkey to grow your following and boost your social traffic the easy way by testing share button placement/styles, tweaking calls to action, and much more.

No matter what results you’re looking for—sales, email opt-ins, etc.—split testing can help you maximize those results.

And remember, you don’t have to do it all by hand. Split testing solutions like Split Test Monkey make the job a quick and painless process, handling nearly every aspect of the process for you, while you just sit back and wait for the results!

Improving Engagement

We just talked about how you can easily improve your sales page and landing page to maximize conversion rates.  The next step is to improve your on-site engagement.

Why is visitor engagement so important?

Visitor engagement is the strongest indicator as to how a potential customer feels about your product or brand. The more you engage with your visitors, the easier it will be to build brand loyalty.

And when you do that, customers will buy all your products and devote more time and money to you! They’ll choose you over the competition, and they’ll buy from you again and again.

While Chatbots will help to do this as they will provide potential customers with the ability to get help and ask questions about your product, there are other ways to engage with your website visitors to build brand loyalty.

Here are just a few powerful strategies that you should be using:

Combine Action with Rewards

Rewards and incentives such as giveaways, coupons, and bonus products add extra value to a customer’s purchase which will positively impact visitor engagement.

One easy way to set up a reward-style program is with

PerkZilla is a smart way of grabbing attention, engaging visitors and boosting clicks and sales just by rewarding customers who take action.

I’ve used Perkzilla to build viral social sharing campaigns, generate buzz around upcoming product launches and send tons of targeted traffic to landing pages and blogs.

It’s hands down one of the easiest ways to funnel quality subscribers and traffic to any type of website while boosting visitor engagement because you’re simply rewarding visitors for spending time on your site.

Offer Time-Sensitive Coupons & Discounts

You can also offer special discounts and time-sensitive coupon codes in order to combine the use of urgency with incentive offers.

Offer potential customers with a huge upfront discount on your primary product or service and then make up for it through a series of higher priced offers as they work their way through your sales funnel.

A low cost, front-end offer is the easiest way to engage visitors and transform them into customers because you’re giving them an opportunity to test out your product and get to know your brand without a lot of upfront cost or investment.

Then, as you build trust and brand recognition with these customers you’ll be able to sell them on other higher-priced offers later on.

You can do this in a matter of minutes with

Conversion Gorilla makes it easy to sell more products and boost customer engagement by helping you set up time-sensitive offers, coupon codes, discount offers and more.  I highly recommend it as it’ll simplify the process and help you get set up in just a few minutes.

You can also set up review-style pages and even create opt-in forms and bars that are fully customizable.  Check out the one I created for one of my blogs:
And when a visitor clicks the button, it turns into the opt-in form as shown below:

You can customize everything from where and when the form appears, the color scheme and where you want your subscriber to be redirected after successful opt-in.  Check it out at

Share Reviews and Feedback on Social Media

Connect your social media accounts to your landing pages and build a steady flow of traffic from multiple sources. Not only will this increase traffic but it will help you connect with potential customers within other communities they are a part of.

And better yet, it’s a great way to demonstrate social proof and that others are happy with the products and services you offer.

 Guide Them Through Every Step

You’ve likely seen the progress bars on opt-in pages and landing pages where you are guided step by step through the process of signing up or purchasing a product.

Every step you take indicates your progress, motivating visitors to continue through the process until they’ve completed all steps. is one of the leaders in landing page builders and they know the power of using progress bars.  With a Leadpages account, you can easily set up opt-in forms that show a user’s progress, encouraging them to complete the sign up.

Personalize Your Outreach

Build stronger relationships with your audience by creating marketing campaigns based on location, traffic sources or social media platforms.

People love receiving personalized offers or being addressed by name or location. It will help you stand out!

Check out:

Create Shareable Content

Your content needs to be easily shareable. You want visitors to link to your content, share it within their social media communities, Pin it, email it, and forward it to their friends.

Consider integrating infographics or videos into your content so it stands out. Anything you can do to be different that will capture attention quickly is important.

One quick and easy way to create shareable content in PDF-format is by using PostGopher. It’s a WordPress plugin that lets your visitors save a copy of your content in PDF format so they can read it later, or share it with others.

This is a powerful and effective strategy because it encourages potential customers to read your content at their own pace and when they have time.

Plus, people just like to download things!  It feels more tangible when they can save a copy of a product and open it on their computer when they can really focus on it.

You can grab the plugin from

Go ahead and do that now before you move on. It’s one of the easiest ways to maximize exposure and keep your blog in the front of your visitor’s mind.

Winning Them Over

 We’ve already discussed many ways that you can win a visitor over and encourage them into purchasing your product or signing up for your mailing list.
But, there’s an even greater strategy that successful businesses use in order to build brand loyalty and connect with their target audience.
Can you guess what that is?

Creating a membership website!

When you hear the word “membership site”, you likely think about building a paid-to-access website that you have to update every single month in order to retain members.  But that’s not the only way membership sites are set up.

What if you created a members-only area of your blog or website that was free for visitors to subscribe to?

Since most customers in your niche will associate membership sites with having to pay every single month for access, by setting up a simple members-only section of your website, you’re able to stand apart from the competition by offering something exclusive, and not available to the general public, for FREE.

With this type of membership site, you don’t have to update it every single week, or even every month. In fact, you could set up a single page that provides a few downloadable reports or guides, and never update it again.

Why do this rather than just set up a squeeze page and automatically deliver content via email?

By setting up a free membership area on your site you are encouraging potential customers to visit your website to log in and gain access to your protected content. You are reminding them of your brand and building familiarity and recognition with your audience.

Trust me, it works. I built a massive list of targeted subscribers just by incorporating a protected-content area into my website.  Not only does it add value to your product simply because it’s protected, but because people have to create an account in order to gain access, it provides them with a sense of exclusivity. They feel special because they are gaining access to something that is hidden behind a protected “screen”.

Plus, you can then take advantage of scarcity by offering only a certain number of free accounts.  Create a sense of urgency and you’ll convert those visitors into subscribers easily.

Tip: Offer various content formats within your free membership area, including free access to video content or training tutorials and guides.

Your membership site could comprise of purely textual-based content or a mix of both, depending on your market and what your audience wants most.

Here is a fantastic resource to help you get started:

You can also use Product Dyno to create membership based websites where your content is securely protected until a subscriber has paid to access it, or offer access for free after a visitor has created an account (and opted into your mailing list!).

It’s hands down one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started.


There are many ways you can convert your visitors into customers; you just have to get creative. From focusing on conversion optimization to working towards constant growth and brand recognition, the possibilities are endless.

Take advantage of tools that are available to you, such as and as they’ll make it easy for you to increase conversion rates and profits.

Incorporate your own unique style and voice into your branding, engage with visitors and transform your business into a customer centric marketplace where you are able to grow a loyal following that you can sell to time and time again.

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