Employee Recruitment

3 Tips for Getting it Right

Take advantage of referrals

Referrals are a way to cut out the middleman – in this case, recruiters – when it comes to hiring. Who better to talk about the ins and outs of your company than the people who actually work there?

Not only do referrals guarantee that your employee is sending someone they know fits the bill of what your company’s looking for, but it guarantees that they’re sending someone trustworthy.

With this kind of system in place, there’s not much need to pay a recruiter for their services. But! Don’t just let your employees off with a ‘Tell your friends!’ Award a certain incentive for every person they refer that actually gets accepted.

It would be best to use a survey about rewards they most desire, but here are a couple of rewards ideas for successful referrals:

  • A couple of days’ paid vacation,
  • A trip out of town to a particular resort,
  • A gift card for a partnered spa,
  • Recognition during a monthly meeting or in the company newsletter, etc.,
  • A set monetary incentive.

Short and sweet job descriptions

Job descriptions are vital in the hiring process. They’re meant to reel potential applicants in, so you have to be impactful, distinct, and allude to your company’s personality!

But you also don’t want to risk boring or even confusing a potential employee — you have to hold their attention until they reach the end of your job description, at which point they’ve already decided that they would love to be the one to fill the position.

It’s recommended to use 700 to 2,000 characters. This forces you to lay out what your company needs, plain and simple.

Give the candidate a great application experience

The applicant’s experience is crucial. You’re basically giving them a taste of what’s to come once they pass the application process. Treat them with courtesy — in fact, treat them the same way you’d treat a customer or client.

The applicant should get the impression that you care deeply about your people — regardless of whether they’re an aspiring employee or a longstanding one.

Your first impression with them should stick in such a way that because of their superb experience with you, they’ll still maintain that sterling opinion, even when they get rejected! The candidate (or ex-candidate) will be so wowed by your professional yet pleasant handling of your experience that they may even spread the word to some friends – friends who might actually fit your requirements better.

            Here’s a couple of key ways to help you build rapport with your job-seeker:

  • Respect their time. Be on time for meetings — be they in person or otherwise. If certain factors are going to keep you from doing so, inform them as soon as possible of the delay.
  • Be a great host. Ensure the applicant’s comfort, especially if it is a face-to-face interview.
  • Be as transparent as you can with them.
  • Make them feel that their questions and concerns matter.
  • And when possible, provide feedback to the applicant.

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