3 Tips for Getting it Right

Be content with your current job

As members of an organization, you recognize that you all have different roles and responsibilities. A great follower understands that regardless of the differences, every role is important and that working harmoniously is vital for the organization’s growth.

However, there can be times where you can grow envious of other members, especially if they receive more rewards and benefits than you. Another reason why you might envy other workmates is that maybe they’re in a position that you so badly wanted for a long time. These are just some factors where we might feel that our current job/role is less important than others.

To be a good follower, you need to practice humility and contentment. Recognize that an organization is like a body. Our body is composed of various organs, each having its own specific purpose. However, despite their different functions, every organ is important for the body to perform at its highest capacity.

The same is true for your organization. Though you may have a different role or an inferior position than others, you understand your worth and how your efforts contribute to the overall success of your organization. Having a content mindset not only avoids ill will, but it also gives you a sense of self-respect. This, in turn, will boost your morale, keeping you positive throughout each day.

Do your best in your current role

Connected with the previous point, comparing your position to others can lead you to feel that you should be doing your dream job instead of your present one. This may lead you to perform sluggishly at work, feeling that you should be doing more meaningful work than your current role.

However, to be a great follower, you have to understand that, in the end, it doesn’t matter what you want. As an adherent of a company, you recognize that you are in a place where the organization needs you to be. So instead of weighing against another, appreciate your current assignment and make the most out of your situation. More importantly, prove your worth by demonstrating admirable qualities like proactivity and leadership.

As you maximize your current role, you will gain the respect of your associates and more importantly, your boss. In time, you’ll be seen as someone who is capable of taking on more responsibilities. Your patience and hard work will surely pay off once you’ve been rewarded with a more exalted role. Even better, imagine the feeling of finally achieving your dream job! For now, continue humbling yourself, and do your best on whatever you’re asked to do.

Understand things from a leader’s point of view (POV)

 Do you often find yourself questioning your leader’s choices, presuming that their decisions are always out of touch? Though it may not always be the case, we tend to feel this way because of a lack of perspective. A limited viewpoint may lead us to think that those in command are making mediocre decisions that are highly affecting the company.

However, instead of being quick to judge, why not take time to understand things from their point of view? Try to put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself, “If I were them, what should I do?” You might be surprised at how much thought was put into every decision.

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