Human Resources

4 Tips for Getting it Right

Improve your recruitment process

If you’re looking to skyrocket your business, you need to have the right people with you. They are a group of individuals who are whole-heartedly committed to your company and will do all in their power to make your business a scalable one. Moreover, you’re fully confident that they will be with you in the long haul.

To build a team like this, you need to start strengthening your foundation when choosing employees. In short, you need to invest more time in the recruitment process. Hiring employees is not a mere random selection of individuals nor is it showing preferential treatment to those favored.

Rather, an effective hiring process invests a reasonable amount of time in pre-employment screening. This means getting to know the potential employee as much as you can. Learn more about their background. What do their past employers say about them? Do they have a criminal history? Is there anything in the information that may seem inaccurate? Moreover, prioritize soft skills such as proactivity, communication, and teamwork over expertise and skills. Remember: a strong work ethic is greater than technical skills.

Educate employees

As the HR Department, your main goal is to maintain the level of happiness and satisfaction of the employees. An effective way to achieve this is by giving them opportunities to develop their professional and personal skills. This means dedicating a budget for educational programs such as online courses, conferences and seminars.

Don’t feel that such activities are just a reckless way of spending the company’s money. Instead, treat it as an incentive and an investment. In time, your employees will learn more skills and grow more both as professionals and individuals. This, in turn, motivates them to keep working for you. Discuss this with them to determine the best education you can provide for each one, so they can make the most out of it.

Set clear expectations

Despite having a strategic recruitment process, there will always be some employees who are lackadaisical, unmotivated, and can even start to be a bad influence on others. Such individuals should not be tolerated as it will affect the team’s morale, which, in turn, can have major turmoil in the company’s performance. To prevent such a thing from happening, you need to establish clear expectations from the start.

Set straightforward rules that are to be respected by everyone. If someone’s not able to comply with the agreed standards or is purposely disrupting the workplace camaraderie, frankly tell them the consequences they may face if they continue their behavior, and be firm about it. This will help you to avoid having second thoughts when you’re forced to fire someone.

Work on incentive programs

Rewarding employees for a job well done is a sure-fire way to get them motivated.  After all, as the HR manager, their well-being is your #1 priority. Incentives come in all shapes and sizes. Talk to your team and consider offering rewards for every milestone achieved. You can take them out for lunch, give out memberships, discount coupons, company apparel, and even support their personal causes. Yet, despite all of these, you can regularly reward them with the simplest yet most powerful form of incentive: saying ‘thank you’.

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