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Welcome to the Product Access Instructions Page

for all our products!  Whether they're labelled as...

- Warlord

- Viking

- Signature

- Executive

- Polonius


- Physical PLR

or even just plain old "Steven Alvey"

99% of you will only need step 1 and/or step 2.

Step 1:

If you have already purchased other  things from us in the past, then your purchases will most likely have been added to your EXISTING account in our members area.

Go to


Don't be scared to click the "Forgot Password" link if your login isn't working for some reason.

New customer? No existing account?  Or used a different email to buy?

Step 2:

Check your email inbox AND SPAM folder for login details.

They should be auto-generated and sent to you.

You can search your email inbox for "delivery@productdyno.com". 

Then use those login details at the

members area (linked above in step 1).

Still No Luck?

Step 3:

Go here and try resetting your password:


Maybe 1% of you will need these:

Step 4:

In very rare cases, your product might have a unique access/delivery page outside of our members area.

In such cases, you should actually have been taken there rather than here.  BUT if for some reason you weren't, fear not!  Look for a receipt from PayKickStart and it should have a link to "access product" and that should take you to that page.

Still Need Help?

You are of course always welcome to contact our help desk at the following URL:


We have several thousands of customers, so please allow around 2 business days for a response (or whatever amount of time is posted on the help desk page).

Do NOT file a PayPal dispute for customer service issues.  That will usually end badly or result in a long process of several weeks for a resolution.

(Unless of course you literally can't reach us for several days or something crazy).