If you are on this page, you have exhibited behavior in the past either to us or to other vendors that indicated you could be a problematic customer or client. 

This dastardly behavior could include: 

  • Being a douche.
  • Opening PayPal/Stripe disputes without bothering to contact a vendor's support.
  • Attempting charge-backs without contacting a vendor's support.
  • Being rude or mean-spirited to vendors or support staff.
  • Using profanity in my help desk.
  • Buying products and immediately requesting refunds.
  • Having a history of too many refunds.
  • Demanding refunds outside of the refund period and making baseless threats to contact the FTC just to get your way.
    Thanks for your interest.

NOTE:  This usually happens automatically based on thresholds and stuff and may be auto-triggered based on OTHER vendors in JVZoo etc adding you to a blacklist, not necessarily us manually adding you to a list. 

Also, There's a possibility that you were NOT being a jerk at all - but please understand we have THOUSANDS of customers, mostly for low-ticket products, and sometimes if your level of need at the support desk is disproportionate to the size of your purchase and my staff (or I myself) are having to spend too much time on you, I add you to this list to avoid future issues. If that's you, please don't take it personally. Go read Ferris' 4 Hour Work Week. He explains the concept in there.

Also, if OTHER vendors who I trust have indicated that they've had issues with you, you'll end up on this list as well.