Thanks for grabbing the Celebrity Ads service.

First of all, please submit all the things we need at  

We need:

#1: Which magazine do you prefer to be featured in?  Forbes or Entrepreneur?

#2: Your choice of lead magnet product. Choose from internet marketing, video marketing, product launching, raising capital, outsourcing, bookkeeping, crowd funding, email marketing, OR if you have your own product you'd like to use instead, just give us the graphics/ecovers for it.

#3: A high resolution photo of you from at least the hips up please and NO CROPPED OFF elbows or shoulders or anything.  We can only work with what you give us, so if you give us a low resolution image or an image that is cropped weird etc, we may need to present it in a way that negates the problematic aspect of it (e.g. smaller size or within a rectangle frame etc).

#4: Your DELIVERY page address that will be written in the advertisement, so people can grab your lead magnet. (Even if it's not created yet, just decide on the URL and tell us what it will be). Make it something short and easy for a reader to look at and then type in manually on their device, for example, your main domain, slash "free-guide" or something.  The shorter and simpler, the better.

#5: Your Name EXACTLY as you want it to appear in the ad, including any prefixes, suffixes, titles, academic stuff etc. 

Please do NOT put this off until later - send it all in as soon as able.