And Congrats!

Step 1:  Book your first phone call with me here.

We'll use Skype, my username is steven_4747.  Please make sure your skype account/login works before the call - we don't want to lose any time.  Lots to talk about.  

Step 2:  Download WhatsApp on your phone and look me up: 785-318-8880 

For USA folks, you can also SMS text me directly if you want but it's better to use WhatsApp because I can answer your questions faster and with more detail via "walkie-talkie" audio messages.  Also, please note, I do NOT accept unscheduled phone calls to my cell phone - please be sure not to do that.

Step 3:  For "All My Products" please go to https://warlord.io and open a ticket including your receipt and Katherine will manually add all products to your account.

Step 4:  For that Joint Product where we record an interview-style video together, we'll talk about a good time to do that during one of our calls.

If you'd like us to just do EVERYTHING for you, please click here.