Thinkific Options

(If you've hit the 3-course limit for the free plan.)

Option #1:  

Upgrade your Thinkific Account!  They have really good paid plans.  

NOTE:  If you used our affiliate link to open your account and you upgrade... we will give you a DFY YouPLR Rebranding as a gift too!  Choose one of your YouPLR packs and we will make it rebranded for you 45 days AFTER your first paid Thinkific plan billing.  We will need to verify that we were in fact your affiliate too.

Option #2:

Get a second Free Thinkific account.  Double check and see what their rules are for this first.  But if it's allowed, click here. and then follow the usual DFY eLearning instructions inside the members area and make sure you're giving Katherine the correct url for the second account and not your other one.