(Potential) Webinar Segments

There might be parts that are too long or that you want to handle instead of me during the webby - I just threw a bunch of random ideas together here that can potentially be weaved into the final script.

My Intro + preliminary thoughts

Maybe too long?  Or preliminary thoughts/question not needed?

The "Uniquely Tragic" Walls Diagram

Not sure where this would fit.  Right after intro?  Later on?

Do it All For You

Explaining that they get to leverage my proven process and team and what the product will consist of...

What if we do your sales pages too?

Drive home the "No-Brainerness" with the Sales Page

Make it Affordable

Introducing the 10% partnership idea to justify the low price.

Optional $2,000 Upgrade

The 4 Extra PLR Packs Offer

Fast Action Bonuses

Not 100% sure about these being fast action bonuses VS being just part of the main offer, but I feel like having my promo guarantee being a fast action bonus would help us sell out live.  DFY Sales Video might be good... but could also be good as a small $500 upsell after purchase?