Welcome to the Product Access Page for:

YOU Inside Masters of Audacious Entrepreneurship!

Let's keep this quick and simple.

  1. Go to our helpdesk at https://warlord.io/support 
  2. Submit your Photo. Should be high resolution and well lit.  We can remove the background for you, no problem!
  3. Give us your name exactly as you want it to appear.
  4. Give us your title or "claim to fame" etc, in other words, the words or phrase you want mentioned right under your name, e.g. for Matt Bacak it was "Email Marketing Legend", for you it could also be something generic like "Internet Marketing Extraordinaire" or "Serial Entrepreneur" or "Author of XYZ Book" etc etc.
  5. Give us your lesson content.  It can be a video of yours, or a video that you have PLR rights to, or even just an ebook or something.  Whatever you want your contribution to be. 
  6. If you want to be able to collect leads from each person who accesses your stuff, then give us the link to your lead page or opt-in form and we'll redirect traffic there for anyone who clicks to access your portion.
  7. Make sure you check spam for our support ticket replies or whitelist the address so you get our responses please.

Still Need Help?

You are of course always welcome to contact our help desk at the following URL:


We have several thousands of customers, so please allow around 2 business days for a response (or whatever amount of time is posted on the help desk page).

Do NOT file a PayPal dispute for customer service issues.  That will usually end badly or result in a long process of several weeks for a resolution.

(Unless of course you literally can't reach us for several days or something crazy).