​​My "Unusual"



#1  I will buy you a copy of my TOP sale copy book by Dan Kennedy and ship it to your house (USA Only!)

#2  My team and I will RECRUIT a Virtual Assistant FOR YOU.

#3  I will take you behind the scenes and show you how my team and I crank out info-products from scratch.  Every step of the way, and how the Virtual Staff interact with each other.  Remember, almost ALL the money I make is from cranking out these info-products.  Pay close attention.

Note: As stated in the video, these bonuses are NOT for just grabbing the free package and trial.  These will only be delivered if you remain with Nick and Kate's program BEYOND the trial period.  You will need to submit your receipt from your first billing to our support desk and then we will do all the above (costs us time and money to do this, hope you understand)

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