for Richie's Tech Tycoon PLR Launch

Audacious PLR Library MTPLR Rights:

Joint-Branding Kit for Traffic methods:

Venturing into the MetaVerse PLR:

Thrones Series:


VOICED GPT Advisor Bots:

FIRST: Read the License Document (here). Violation of these terms will result in legal action

Copy these codes and embed them in pretty much any page or site of yours that allows HTML/CSS/JAVA SCRIPT codes to be embedded.  This also works inside ProductDyno!

WARNING: You MUST make the page you put this on be PROTECTED and SECURED in a members area where people need to pay to get access to it.  The only exception to this rule is that you may offer a 30-Day Free Trial as a lead magnet. Access MUST be restricted to that 30-day period.  And you may NOT ever give people the embed code or the html/css/JavaScript script or source code. You also may not attempt to access our Training Data/Prompts or reverse engineer or copy them. Doing any of these things will result in legal action.

Your End Users will need to obtain their ChatGPT API Key (here).

and if they want the chatbot to be voiced, they'll need to obtain their Amazon Polly API Keys, including their aws-access-key-id and their aws-secret-access-key.

They can follow these instructions to do so:


We have custom engineered the GPT Bots to make it SUPER easy to switch between GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-4 (whenever you or your users get GPT-4 API access).

For the bots below, When you add your code to your members area page or wherever you're hosting the bot, simply CTRL+F search the code for 'gpt-3.5-turbo' and then replace that 'gpt-3.5-turbo' with 'GPT-4'. Easy peasy!

WARNING: Although GPT-4 is much smarter and more advanced, in terms of intelligence and personality, keep in mind that it's answers take longer that 3.5 Turbo, so you might find that you prefer 3.5 turbo for some uses.