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Try to choose one of the existing ones.  But if you are really attached to another idea not listed, then choose the "Other" option and type it in.  NOTE:  This is subject to approval and could make things take longer and result in others moving ahead of you in the production line so I'd recommend you just choose one of the ones below.  If you do choose "other" make sure the topic is relatively simple and expect content to be at a beginner/intro level, so don't put anything crazy advanced like (Super Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies for Millionaires lol).

We Aim for a 28-Day Production Time for the Front End Product but depending on the topic, our communication, payment plan options, and other factors, please allow for up to 75 days.

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But give us a week or so after the main product is done as we prioritize topic choices and the production queue first. 

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